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A Syncronicity of Birds

by David S. Warren

“Synchronicity” is a misty, variously understood, overused, and abused word. This is partly the fault of Carl Jung, the psychiatrist who first defined it and occasionally changed his mind about whether the word referred to coincidences to which we freely attach meanings personal to ourselves, or to something more spooky, like messages from our maker.

In Jung’s classic example of synchronicity, when his patient on the couch mentioned a Scarab Beetle dream she had, Jung went to the window and grabbed a beetle off the screen: a beetle which somewhat resembled the Scarab beetle of her dream and which Jung presented it to her, saying THERE was her Scarab. It may be, as Jung says, that this incident flipped something in her mind, and,profoundly changed the course of her life, but this is less like the workings of a cosmic conspiracy than like an opportunist bit of stage magic brought into therapy, and it must have been a slick piece of work to bring it off since he would have had to open the screen just enough so he could reach to catch the beetle on the outside.

The more spooky form of the idea, termed “Spooky Action at a Distance” or the basic “entanglement” which would account for that (and toward which Jung had a certain inclination) was defined and dismissed by Albert Einstein, who, though the father of relativity, could not bring himself to believe in the transfer of information (or communication) across the barriers of time and space.“Spooky action at a distance,” as he called it.

Now days - quite recently - the investigative vanguard of physicists in experiments using devices the size of sports stadiums or subway systems, have shown this entanglement and action at a distance to be actual, so that, unless they be careful, the excited scientists can sound just a little too woo woo.

I don’t claim to understand even all of what I am saying; I just figure that it all adds up to the ultimate truth that, as the intuitive ones have always been telling us, all is one; and that is good enough for me. That is the moral of every story and the meaning of every coincidence.
Consider this flock of a thousand and one Starlings, when they suddenly turn at once. I was there, and it happens often enough. With no signal, no delay indicating a message moving across the flock, all it once they wheel or, without a command, moving as one, the flock burst out of the tree.

But we cannot just let the mystery be.

For this issue of the Metaphysical Times, we invited several authors to write about Synchronicity or to submit accounts of what might be instances of it, and for some reason ( Synchronicity again maybe), the responses have mostly had to do with birds and if not with birds, then with fish that flew.

The flying fish belonged to Franklin Crawford, a long time print and digital journalist … or you might say it belonged to me, not by coincidence, but because when the fish hit my window I called him at the Ithaca Journal and he came to investigate, as he mentions in his contribution here. He may kid around a lot, but he is well grounded in Jungian studies, the uses of words, and every word of his account of flying fish is beautiful and true.
Not trying to put to fine a point on the assignment, we sent the veteran writer Joe Martin off to the Azores in search of anything that we could usefully call synchronicity, or even just marvelous. You will see that his search went well and that maybe our best finds are not what we were looking for. So keep your eyes open, and read on.

Sue Ryn, the herbalist and wildlife rescuer, also known as Hill Woman, chose to tell us about the real- time connection between a Cedar Waxwing and an Elderberry Bush. You will see.
Kris Faso, man of stones and spirits, stones with spirits, and of birds with messages, gets a pretty clear message from a bird in his contribution here and it not just an omen either.
Annie Campbell’s birds are not merely ominous, they are Hitchcockian in proportion, but far from chaotic. What is with all these birds? Could the universe be itself a conscious thing?
Corbie Mitleid's Synchronicity takes "Wings" on a life lesson that we may all learn from.
My co editor Georgia most likely has a few things to say about birds in her own editorial ramble here. It’s our magazine and we can ramble if we want to.
Anyway, at this point, you might do well to move on to what Georgia has to say, and to some of our real content….. while I continue on here by myself. Or rather, continue on with my birds.
I live with birds. I talk to birds all the time and they talk to me, but I don’t believe they mostly get what I am saying, and I mostly make up translations of what they say to me. Like that unidentified bird the other day that kept repeating the words “unsubstantiated video evidence.” I have to be making some of this stuff up.

Birds though have always been the creatures of omen …foreshadowers, and bringers of mostly bad news …. except for doves with olive branches indicating land nearby, or peace on earth maybe …. like Bernies Bird.
You remember that a small bird landed on the open air stage where Bernie Sanders stood at a lectern giving his speech and waving his finger. The crowd was attentive, but distracted by the little bird and and when Bernie referred to the bird, it flew over and landed right on his podium. Bernie, like a Jungian, took the oportunity to say that the bird was a messenger asking for world peace.
I am sure that the bird was flying not so much to Bernie, as to the tallest point on stage center, other than Bernie’s head, which looks more like a white cloud than a bully perch.

If the bird on Bernie's Podium had been a Bald Eagle, it would have been a more unlikely event, and more affecting and startling for that, because it is a symbol of the office for which Bernie was campaigning. If you are Bernie, you might point out that our national bird, the Bald Eagle is a predator of great size which likes to eat fish, but cannot dive into the water so it sometimes finds it convenient to steal fish from Ospreys, which can dive for fish. Benjmin Franklin thought the Turkey should be our National Symbol; Bernie might prefer his House Finch. Donald Trump is a Bald Headed Eagle.

Either way, birds are probably the most common creatures which, simply by showing up, or even with quite literal messages, are taken as omens…or messengers, all the way from "a little Bird told me" to the old time Roman Agury by the examining the entrails of recently slaughtered birds.

So let’s give
Synchronicity a chance.
You might want to start, or finish,
by reading the Wikipedia articles on
Synchronicity and Entanglement.





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