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Making Spirits Bright:
A Reiki Solstice Celebration of Sound & Light
Saturday, December 20th from 1-4 pm
at Infinite Light Center for Yoga & Wellness
Open to all Reiki Practitioners
$30 ($25 for CNYRA members)
Info & registration:

Dec. 27 & 28
Shoppingtown Mall

Jan. 17 & 18, Sat. 10-7, Sun.. 11-6
The Biggest Little Psychic Fair
126 Liberty St. (Elk's Club)

Feb. 21, 22, 23
25th Anniversary of
Syracuse Psychic Fair
Holiday Inn (Electronics Pkwy)

Feb 20-21,
Double Tree Hotel,

March 21-22, Sat. 10-7,
Sun. 11-5
Holiday Inn, Burrstone Rd.,
Utica, NY

April 11 & 12
Greystone Castle,
201 N. Main St.,

April 25 & 26 10-7
Holiday Inn

May 2 & 3 Clayton Opera House















































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DENNIS COLE 2015 An Astrological Perspective

As our planet revolves into the New Year, 2015, we can expect that there will be changes and new beginnings around the globe.

In Numerology the vibration of 2015 reduces to an “8”. And that power number is associated with such things as: Mastery, Big Business, Government, Broad and important matters, as well as Material and Financial potentials for Achievement. These factors as well as new leadership can come more into focus in our year ahead.

Astrologically speaking, transiting Uranus (the “awakener” and ruling planet of Aquarius) is still riding in a square aspect from the Sign, Aries (Leadership, war, new beginnings…) to transiting Pluto (Transformation, birth and death) in the Sign Capricorn (Government, Big Business, Politics, Perseverance, Ambition, Control/Respect issues and Responsibility).
“Squares” (90 degree angles) between planets (Psychological driving force symbols) represent blockages or delays. In a yin and yang Universe they can also represent constructive crises! In fact these contrasting experiences are always constructive “stepping stones” in disguise! It all depends on our free-will choice to focus more on what we’d prefer, and less upon the lack of it!

Individually and collectively, we always attract in accordance with what we choose to think about most – whether we want it or not! It’s nice to know, that “like attracts like”!

So what does this imply? Well, if we want to have a “Happy New Year,” we might want to consider how super important it can be to care about and pay attention to, how we FEEL!
A major key to working constructively with these developmental tensions and constructive crises “squares” – which are so necessary for our growth and the expansion of the Creation as well – is RESPONSIBILITY! Maybe knowledge of this was a factor in inspiring James Allen to write: “There’s no room for a complainer in a universe of Law.” Allen also wrote: ”A man is literally what he thinks. His character is the sum of all his thoughts.”

We can look further into the potentials for some of our 2015 experiences by considering the larger cycle we’ve all come into over the past couple centuries: “The Age of Aquarius”. Although the exact beginning of the “Aquarian Age” may be a few decades away, it is obvious that we have been in the “cusp” (a bit over two centuries” into this 2150 year cycle) since Aquarian keynotes have come into focus on the Earth. These keynotes include: Revolution (think Revolutionary and Civil Wars!); Electricity (Consider Ben Franklin and the key on the kite, lights, radio, TV, computers, the Internet, iPhones…); Freedom and the rights of humans (Bill of Rights, ACLU, voting rights, The Carter Center, FDA, Social Security, Consumer Reports, Democracy, etc.): Discovery, by Sir William Herschel, on March 13, 1781, of Uranus - the ruling planet of Aquarius and the “New Age” ); Science (Uranium and the Curies…) Chemistry (Charles Hall and Aluminum, Cyber War and security); Aviation (the Wright brothers); Space travel (NASA and the International Space Station – Mars is next!); Inventions (Cat Scans, robotic surgery, Whitney’s cotton gin, toilet paper… : ).Well, you get the idea; so much for humanity to appreciate that has been emerging under the energies associated with the Sign, Aquarius, and its ruling planet, Uranus!
As New Age Groups, “Psychic Fairs”, Astrology (which is an Aquarian tool for Self and Spiritual knowledge), Reiki, and other spiritually-based healing modalities emerge all over the Planet, they often have that “think-outside-of-the-box” and revolutionary Energy behind them. People are beginning more to allow opening of their “crown chakras” (mastering the “Seventh Seal” of judgments) in order to allow Consciousness or Source Energy to guide them into the Joy and unconditional Love that resides at the core of our Be-ing.

We’ll wind up on these highlights of “seed potentials” for 2015 by focusing in on a few relevant astrological factors to blend in with the greater Aquarian Age cycle we’ve been discussing. We mention at the beginning that Uranus in Aries will still be transiting in a “Square” aspect to the planet, Pluto, which is moving through Capricorn.
So we still have some hurdles to deal with. And these will naturally center on the shakeups in leadership and the tearing down and rebuilding of outworn structures. This can involve such things as business, politics, and government. The leaders and people in power in organizations and businesses will have to deal with the revolutionary fighting spirits of the masses. Humanity is getting a “wakeup” call to change! Change to fit the higher positive potentials of Capricorn and Aries. These potentials include: Humanitarian ideals, proper use of power and social responsibility (Capricorn). They also call for : Courage, initiative, leadership and openness to new ways of taking action (Aries).

All of us can benefit as we reflect on Carl Jung’s: “We spend the first half of our lives discovering ego; the second half, learning to relinquish it.” And, quite simply, what could be more conducive to bringing about more of the Love and peace that we all desire, than to “walk our talk” with “The Golden rule”!

The drive toward that end can come on more in 2015 as Neptune travels in its own Sign, Pisces” – the Sign of Peace! This may be unified with, at new levels, at the end of February as the transiting Sun conjoins with Neptune in Pisces. And, depending on the spirit of that encounter, there may be a more practical approach to repairing the past as the last weekend of August rolls around under the illumination of the full moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

“Squares are Squares” and it’s not likely that here will be any sudden transforming of the status quo – individually and collectively – especially as it relates to government, power, and big business. For sure, this can involve some subjective growth for down the road. Patience, initiative, perseverance and leadership are called for as we move closer toward shocking, exciting, humanitarian and new ways of seeing the unique Perspective of our One Source Energy in each other (“Namaste”).

Our primary “New Age” is NOW…Now…Now…the holy Moment, and “Place” from which we always create Self anew. Things can’t get any better than right NOW….until right Now gets better! And how can we make our Now better? Teachers of Teachers in non-physical say: “By following the trail of thoughts that feel increasingly better.” It sure is nice to know, that we always attract into our lives whatever we choose to think about most – whether we want it or not!
May we all be Blessed with Love, Joy and Peace, over the Holiday Seasons and in the “Nows” before us along this Eternal Trail.
In Oneness,

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