Reiki: Just The Facts
Part XIV: Bringing Spirit In

by Don Brennan


Inspiration is the process of clearing ourselves and bringing in wisdom, guidance, divine revelation, healing energy, or the sacred breath from Spirit. Call it channeling one’s muse, if you like. It is the process of connecting with the divine, getting our human selves out of the way, and allowing Spirit to move through us.

The human self is the problem. We get in our own way…all the time. We continually sabotage ourselves. We launch so many beautiful creations in a flash of inspiration, and then immediately block their manifestation. It’s a wonder we accomplish anything at all.

Usui sensei speaks of Reiki as an eternal, unchanging energy from the Cosmic Soul. When the human soul center of the brain is awakened, we have a stronger, clearer connection with the Cosmic Soul and can channel this healing energy with much greater intensity. Unfortunately, it is human nature for the soul center to go back to sleep. This is why we have to make conscious efforts to reawaken the soul center, get our human selves out of the way, become One with Spirit, and merge with this healing energy.

Usui sensei emphasized daily meditation and chanting the Gokai (Five Principles) to strengthen the spiritual connection and to calm human consciousness. He taught techniques like Kenyoku (dry bathing) and Reiji, for clearing ourselves of all human attachment to the healing process. Kenyoku begins clearing us and Reiji brings Spirit in, helping us to channel this healing energy. Both serve to help get our human selves out of the way. We can think of this as emptying ourselves of our selves or as cleaning house before welcoming the presence of Spirit.

Once we get our human selves out of the way, we begin to feel the intensity of energy building in us as we deepen our connection with Spirit. When we begin doing Reiki, the flow through us becomes stronger and we become more filled with Spirit. The more we get our selves out of the way, the more effective the healing becomes.

The simple truth about Reiki is that we are not the ones who do the healing work. Our job is to get out of the way. We serve as channels for this healing energy, but the healing is actually an interactive process between Spirit and the person receiving the healing. When we get out of the way, the energy flows stronger, the person receives greater healing benefits and becomes more deeply connected with Spirit.

Our goal, as Reiki practitioners, is to let go of the personal, to allow the mind to be like a blank page and to become one with Spirit. When I do Reiki, I try to be as clear of myself as I can be. Reverend Jane once said, “Oh you are clear. It’s like you’re not even there!” And I accepted that as the compliment that it was, from healer to healer.

There’s a saying in Reiki that helps us keep our egos in check: “No claim. No blame.” It reminds us that we are not doing the healing and that we are not responsible for what does or does not happen. It reminds us that Reiki energy is not personal. It’s suprapersonal. It comes from Spirit.

Sometimes pictures can be very illuminating.

I’ve included 2 aura photos, taken by Linda Bloser, of Aura Reflections, at one of the psychic fairs. The first one, a few minutes after the fair opened on Sunday is my normal self. I was a little tired from the day before, not very well grounded, missed the thruway exit, and had to rush to get my booth set up. In other words, pretty normal.

The second aura photo was later in the day after I had given Reiki sessions and was still in that healing mode. Notice the shift in aura color from Orange (representing artistic, physical-creative expression, excitement) to White (representing beyond physical, transcendent, higher dimension.) The Mind Body Spirit ratio, not shown here, goes from 20% Spirit and 80% Mind/Body before doing Reiki, to 85% Spirit and 15% Mind/Body in healing mode.

And see how much larger the aura is. Normally, I tend to keep my aura close around me, to avoid taking in unwanted energy from others. But in healing mode, I’m one with Spirit. There is no concern for protection. And so my aura expands to the maximum, as I radiate the light and love of Spirit.

Here’s a simple energy technique that uses the breath from Spirit to quickly become centered and connected within and without.

Breathe in the breath of Spirit, in through the crown of the head, and bring it down to the heart center. Hold for a moment. Begin exhaling through the mouth, consciously pulling energy and guiding it with the breath, down from the head, up from the hands and arms, into the shoulders down through the torso and out through the legs. Repeat two more times.
Breathe normally now, guiding each
breath into the heart center. With each
out breath radiate the light and love in
your heart to fill all of creation.

And now you’re ready to
bring Spirit in.

© 2017 Donald Brennan

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How American
Literature Happens

by Gabrial Orgrease

In the cemetery the tall guy told us he had written a letter to his governor to suggest that he might want to go for a walk in the cemetery. It being a somewhat old and fine cemetery surrounded by highway, a bubbly crick, poison ivy, a cigar bar, and an old house that won’t let anybody in to see it’s basement. Something went on about how his father walked somewhere with the governor’s father. How he knew the governor’s wife likes to go for walks. How his children like to go for walks.
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Dear Editor
by Franklin Crawford

Since I don’t really have anything to tell you, let me mention some things that happened on Sunday, August 20, 2017.  I was dropping off a bag of used clothes at The Thrifty Store where even rich people shop for twenty-five cent shirts. Slumming it is big now and everybody loves a bargain.  The place was closed and management prefers folks to not drop off donations on Sunday but people do anyway. Which makes it a good day for poor folks to get something they can afford, namely, something free. (Go to Story)


Inspiration at the
Traffic Light

by Georgia E. Warren

I have read poetry, novels, books that have inspired me, and listened to music that makes my breathing uneven.I hae seen art so powerful that I had to put my hand on a wall to keep from being dizzy (page #2 of this magazine). There is, however, only one time I felt something that came from inside of me; an idea so fully formed I could not escape it. A vision that would not fade. (go to article)


Reiki: Just The Facts Part XIV:
Bringing Spirit In

by Don Brennan

Inspiration is the process of clearing ourselves and bringing in wisdom, guidance, divine revelation, healing energy, or the sacred breath from Spirit. Call it channeling one’s muse, if you like. It is the process of connecting with the divine, getting our human selves out of the way, and allowing Spirit to move through us. (go to article)



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In Service to
the Muse

by Robert Graves

Excerpt from:
The Atlantic, June 1961

The original significance of this word has long been blurred by dishonest or facetious usage. The Muse, or Mountain Mother, whom the preclassical Greeks worshiped on Parnassus and other sacred peaks, seems to have inspired the poet in much the same sense as the loa gods of Haiti now “ride” their devotees. And, although by Homer’s time her invocation had become a mere formality, subservice to the Muse has ever since been avowed by counterfeit poets in the service of politics, learning, or the church. True possession has occurred sporadically down the centuries as a phenomenon that can neither be provoked or foreseen. (go to entire article)


Forward to
The Muses

by David Rollow

The nine Muses are the offspring of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the Goddess of Memory. Before the invasion of the Olympian gods, the Muses, goddesses or guardian nymphs of springs and groves, tutelary spirits, belonged to a preliterate, oral culture. The original three are the daughters of Mnemosyne, memory, although they were raised by a wetnurse or foster-mother, Eupheme. Even this biographical snippet must be a late revision, since Mnemosyne is said to be the mother of the Muses with Zeus, so is already a literary corruption, the first euphemism. Mnemosyne is a personification: Memory. (go to article)

Journey to
the Second Attention
(Emphasizing the Recall)

by Kris Faso

I closed my eyes and immediately recalled the Elders advice.

“Nothing might temper the spirit of a nation as much as the challenge of dealing with impossible people in positions of power.
If you face the uncertainty with impunity, you will acquire the strength to withstand
even the incomprehensible.

And for this, peace will guide your way - then you shall know how to proceed”.
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