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GEORGIA WARREN "If you can read this you are not dreaming"

Dreaming, imagination, fantasy, reality, they are all perceptions of our mind. Everything we see, feel, taste, smell and touch, is interpreted in our brain. We must trust that our brain is doing its job and that the rest of the world is out there –that we are not alone in a universe of our own creation.

I have sometimes had vivid, conscious dreams. Very realistic and I know I am dreaming.

For a time I had a series of vivid dreams. Whiles I was dreaming I was not conscious I was dreaming and had difficulty determining whether these dreams were reality. In the dream I did not have any recollection my real life.

In my life I felt safe and happy but in the dreams I was without any emotions except fear. After these dreams I would question whether my life was just a dream and worry that one day would I would wake up without even the memory of happiness.

I read somewhere that in a dream state a person cannot read writing if they don't know what the writing says ahead of time. A "STOP" sign, a route marker, a street sign, a cup with "world's best boss." Those are possible. But, if you pick up a book or magazine that is not familiar, the words are either all jumbled or the pages are blank. That made a lot of sense to me.

Once I was sure that my life was not a dream, I had a technique to become a "conscious dreamer" again and I could gain control of my surroundings in this, my sleeping world. In my dream I picked up an unfamiliar book. There was nothing but jumbled letters swirling on the pages.

This place that had been confusing me for months was only a dream.

I looked around and told everyone that they were a dream and not real. I thanked them for their place in my memory and in a part of my life that was over.

I woke up and grabbed the latest edition of "Backyard Poultry." A magazine that came in the mail the day before and as yet been opened.

I read it cover to cover.

My musings here were inspired by reading David Warren's article on dreaming that you will find in this issue of the Metaphysical Times. Try reading it, and see if it makes sense, or is just swirling gibberish.

Sweet dreams, Georgia Warren


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