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dog's plot coverAuthor David Warren’s imaginary brother first appeared standing beside the family dog in their back yard garden: the stunted boy’s head no higher than that of the dog.
William, as the wild boy would be called, was never traced back to his origins. He stayed on with the Warrens for years, sleeping mostly in the bathtub, sneaking out and about at night.
His rambles soon kept him away for nights on end, and then for weeks at a time. He built one-night nests and more permanent habitations - some laid up neatly of stone, some dug into river banks, a few in trees, most not much bigger than a refrigerator box, although he spent a year in the attic of the Cornell University undergraduate Library. When in the North woods, he often lodged in one of his modified beaver houses, and for a year while still an adolescent, he was sent to live with his “Aunt” Sammy on her Florida rooster farm.
Contact between William and the Warrens became infrequent during his adult years.
Then around 2005, author David Warren moved out to the country, and soon found himself with a flock of chickens unbalanced by too many murderous adolescent roosters. If anyone could wrangle roosters, William could. Author Warren located William, and after he was promised a hand-me-down laptop, William soon moved to Dog’s Plot.
As an adult drifting through coffee houses, William had taken to the computer like it was a magic slate, and while at the farm, started the Dog’s Plot Blog, chronicling his days at Dog’s Plot, re-imagining his past, and expanding beyond his recollections and exaggerations, to offer contrarian theories on cosmic origins and natural history ...
until a woman from the past arrived at Dog’s Plot.
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