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It is a Wonderful Life Indeed

By Kris Faso


Typically the fall nights are losing their lush summer air. More and more they are becoming raw, preparing for the starkness of winter. Yet this year… there have been some sweet nights for locating a power spot beneath the Moon to just sit on the Earth and commune with the Spirit.
I breathe and relax into my body. Every inhalation I take, I contain it fully within me. I think about how the fresh crisp night air feels internally – awakening, alive.
With every exhalation, I feel gravity and allow my body to drop a little heavier each time. From my head to my toes, I bring attention to all of myself with every breath. I listen to every sound, which only deepens my senses and clears my mind while my body relaxes further. And as my mind
empties, as all thought subsides, I sink deeper into my being and expand outward. Eventually I transcend the space, as my weight merges within the environment.
It is at that moment of expanding all my senses, that I notice my Spirit, and I see I am not alone.
There, on either side of me, sit two (familiar) Spirit guides. A third Spirit, as I was told, was a Teller - a Teacher Spirit. When I say it was told to me… it is literally more like just knowing. You see: in Spirit, the communication is without words. As Spirit, or consciousness, communication is by thinking and knowing. Imagine communicating with our minds. It feels just like it is already known.
When the Spirit guides informed me of the Teller, I let the Spirit know that I could detect it by its luminous body. Yet I was curious to know what the Spirit contained (if anything). I asked the Teller to describe itself.

“I am a discarnate entity, indeed a supernatural force of nature,” replied the Spirit. “Like you are now…I am the animating essence that once inhabited many bodies of men and women alike for the sake of fulfilling my reincarnation cycle. I am still what once was an indivisible part of the human experience of body, mind and spirit. And as Spirit, as this life force, I contain the essence of that which is my Soul.”
The reply was profoundly simple and resonated deeply within me. And like a wave, I felt a pulsation of this resonance from the core of my being ripple outward, connecting me with everything).
I inquired about the Spirit world.
The teacher told me that the Spirit world is a place of transition, facilitation, and rest, and that all Souls, whether in a reincarnation cycle or in transition of a system of probabilities, will engage in the Spirit world for the assessment of our progress accordingly. And this assessment is a stage within the greater migration from body to spirit and takes place in Spirit world.
As I pondered what the Spirit referred to as a system of probability, the teacher spoke…

“Within the afterlife, once the transition is complete, individuals may prefer to rest, reincarnate or move on to the system of probability. To experience a system of probabilities is indeed unique. However most will fulfill the individual reincarnation cycle as a preference for organized, logical structure based in a past, present, and future time frame. And indeed there are those who prefer their lives to be in an organizational pattern of association, one of an intuitive experience. These individuals may prefer a system of probability. An experience of the Spirit where there is a complete divergence from life as you know it physically. Either way, the Spirit world is indeed much less cumbersome and freeing to the entity.”
As the teacher spoke, the words filled my ears with a strange density that sank deep into my being and for a split second felt like large rods anchoring my body, which I could not feel but only associate. I asked about the transition.
“Indeed.” Said the Teller, and relayed that the common experience is unique to each individual.
“The transition is easier for some, and for others much more challenging. Where for instance, one clings to the physical world or decides they cannot leave the body behind. And In the case of this challenge, there are indeed Facilitators that step in to help one through the dilemma. They assist individuals to wake from their illusion. They may adopt the roles of those people one so desperately clings to that help them maintain the dream of still being alive within the body. However, in their role as facilitators, it is to their advantage as it gradually allows them to awaken one from the dream”.
This scenario, said the Teller, was common to such a tragedy or shock of passing and otherwise for the most part, any transitional scenario is indeed relative to what individuals have immediately on their minds, according to desired thought and belief patterns that shaped their lives.
The teacher continued. “Those who have a firm belief in the afterlife will immediately find the transition rather smooth and intriguing. And of course when the Spirit reaches the point of transition where all his or her past life history comes into view, oh my… what a moment! And ( just prior to the assessment), it is always accompanied by a flash of the true essence. And that can be very refreshing indeed. And of course for the complete assessment, one would have access to all their records.”
Before bringing attention to my breathing and my body, I was reminded that after our assessment we may rest or choose to come back and that no Soul is expected to do anything other than what has been decided upon.

"One may choose to revisit past lives. If one chooses to rest, this is where one may make contact with loved ones, enjoy the company of past lives, of thought outside the physical plane,and enjoy a host of pleasure outside of the cumbersome body.”

My attention returned to my body just as my eyes opened,
and recalling the final words of the teacher, I smiled…

Indeed, it is a wonderful life.

As always,
Peace on your journey,

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It is a Wonderful
Life Indeed

By Kris Faso

....... as all thought subsides, I sink
deeper into my being and expand
outward. Eventually I transcend the
space, as my weight merges within the environment. It is at that moment of
expanding all my senses, that I notice
my Spirit, and I see I am not alone.
There, on either side of me, sit two
(familiar) Spirit guides.A third Spirit,
as I was told, was a Teller -
a Teacher Spirit.
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