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Making Spirits Bright:
A Reiki Solstice Celebration of Sound & Light
Saturday, December 20th from 1-4 pm
at Infinite Light Center for Yoga & Wellness
Open to all Reiki Practitioners
$30 ($25 for CNYRA members)
Info & registration:

Dec. 27 & 28
Shoppingtown Mall

Jan. 17 & 18, Sat. 10-7, Sun.. 11-6
The Biggest Little Psychic Fair
126 Liberty St. (Elk's Club)

Feb. 21, 22, 23
25th Anniversary of
Syracuse Psychic Fair
Holiday Inn (Electronics Pkwy)

Feb 20-21,
Double Tree Hotel,

March 21-22, Sat. 10-7,
Sun. 11-5
Holiday Inn, Burrstone Rd.,
Utica, NY

April 11 & 12
Greystone Castle,
201 N. Main St.,

April 25 & 26 10-7
Holiday Inn

May 2 & 3 Clayton Opera House















































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KRIS FASO Traveling in a Sunwise Manner

From autumn to winter, from the West to the North
As we walk this journey in a sacred manor, following the cycles of the seasons, the prayers begin to strengthen and become more often. When one opens up his heart, her mind, body and spirit in a season of meditation, the prayers become the moving silence – the undoubtable reverence for the transitional experience. In the seclusion of “silent knowledge”, a virtue of going within, as introspection harmonizes with fall, so too the prayers harmonize with stillness.

When walking in a sacred manner, one always travels Sun wise.

Fall is in the West. It is within us as the place of introspection. It is with the virtue of gratitude for the inner knowledge, our shamanic journeys and deep level psychic work. We have an inner song. We have our love and emotions. Our dream states are speaking to us. And with our compassion to breathe, we release and renew - attune and balance the self. This is our inner journey and when walking in balance, it is as much a harvest as the sustenance we take in from the fruits of our labor in the gardens.

Winter is in the North, so too is the element of Earth. As we walk upon our Grandmother Earth, we encourage a Sun wise manner. Walking in a sacred manner always encounters a relationship to the natural world. And through our ceremonies and prayer, our teaching and learning, practicality and patience become a virtue for seeking the sacred knowledge within the dynamics of our lessons. And with our understanding, bring us strength, prosperity and wisdom. This is where we find our place and define our Earth walk. This process, like the long blanket of snow upon the Earth, cleanses and purifies our mind and heart, allowing us to walk in balance.

When walking in a sacred manner, one always travels Sun wise.

Now as our Grandmother Earth and all that grows begins to sleep. I raise this body to the sky, an extension of my own body – the Mother Earth and all that grows upon her and I sing the honoring songs. I pray the long blanket of white snow, the cleansing winter’s spirit, will keep this land safe and pure. And as we walk together into the winter months, may we walk with pure hearts in the same mannerism to be cleansed. And during this quiet time of season for the Earth, be with our sacred center. And from here, walk in a sacred manner… traveling Sun wise towards the upcoming spring, a time for beginning, and a time for planting new seeds. Until then, my wish for you is to feel the peace and joy of this special season.

Peace on your journey, Kris

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