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A Synchronicity of Birds
by David S. Warren

Synchronicity” is a misty, variously understood, overused, and abused word. This is partly the fault of Carl Jung, the psychiatrist who first defined it and occasionally changed his mind about whether the word referred to coincidences to which we freely attach meanings personal to ourselves, or to something more spooky, like messages from our maker. (Go to Story)



Synchronicity or Coinkydink?:
Toward an Ecology of the Paranormal

by Franklin Crawford

Look, it’s pretty easy to mock the concept of synchronicity which I hope someone here has ex-plained already so I don’t have to because I started this ditty by mocking this concept when a bird flew into my window and dropped to the ground, quite dead.

It was a mockingbird.

So I’m not flying into a window over this idea. We know who made it up and we know why: Carl Jung was trying to deep-six Freud’s theory that not only do we all die, the life we live from womb to stupa is meaningless. One way to refute this powerful notion was to concoct a concept that imbues life with meaning and snubs the little Austrian putz right in his coked-to-the-gills pince-nez. Jung did just that. I also think he played with his own poo, but another time, another time. (Go to Story)


Two Short Rambles
by Georgia Warren

Once in a while I carry my cell phone tucked in my sleeve. It is not the safest place to keep it, but, sometimes I wear things without pockets. Yesterday, was one of those days. Because of the Synchronicity theme that we are using in this Metaphysical Times, I decided to go out to our office and look for the Wilheim/Baynes copy of I Ching. It has a forward written by C.G. Jung. (Go to Story)



I Ching and Other Randomizers
by David Rollow

The most sophisticated randomization device for magical divination is the ancient Chinese text, the I Ching, a collection of oracular sayings, scraps of tradition, historical
anecdote, and commentaries organized around sixty-four symbols called hexagrams, graphic images of six lines each.

The original figures of the hexagrams were somehow derived from cracks in turtle shells roasted on an open fire. The lines were first regularized as trigrams of solid or broken lines, then later the Duke of Chou or Zhou created the six-line figures of the hexagrams. (Go to Story)

The Elder Mother's Gift
by Sue-Ryn Burns

.......Waxwings are gentle birds, cousins to Cardinals; complete with masks and crests. Their coloring is much more subtle, but it's the splash of rust on their wings that got them their name because it reminded some early birdwatcher of sealing wax. They seem to travel in gangs of five or more birds around here and it's not unusual to see them passing food back and forth politely while sitting in a row on a branch. As babies they are very cute and very demanding; they want what they want and don't bother trying to feed them anything else...they don't want it! We were doing all right with the regular hand-feeding formula, but that baby didn't want red berries, he wanted purple. I did purchase some blue and black berries at the store, which received a lukewarm review. I recall thawing some frozen berries which were o.k. but still not appreciated. Since no one gets released until they can self feed and autumn was progressing, I was getting concerned. Most of the Elder shrubs I knew of were either finished fruiting or stripped clean. (Go to Story)



True as True a Story Can Be.
by Kris Faso

Yesterday... True as true a story can be.
Got a call to come help release a bird which had become lodged, half in, half out of a bird feeder with one wing in, and one wing out.
The circumstance of the bird getting stuck is not necessarily a point of writing this.
As I was putting my dogs out of the house to go and help, a bird flies in the door and proceeds to start yelling (chirping) at a high rate, as if to say - go, go and help my sister out of her predicament.
Well, of course I could not leave. I said... “HEY BIRDIE!! I can’t leave till you get out of my house!” I was not about to let that ole bird start pooping in places I might never see until some later date.
So I stood in a spot and whistled, chirped, and clicked till the bird landed on my hand, and I put it outside with the promise that I would go and help her sister from its predicament.
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You fool -- how foolish to think of
Tarot cards at a time like this!

Get serious about your future, there’s too much to do today, and anyway aren’t we rational creatures the agents of our own destinies? Tarot is an historical curiosity, and though the painted cards might have a certain beauty, their “magic” is only superstition, right? (Go to story)



Reiki Part XIV

by Don Brennan

What exactly is a Reiki attunement? Called Reiju in Japan and attunement in the west, an attunement could be considered to be an empowerment or an initiation. By empowerment, we mean that it activates a part of ourselves that allows us to channel the cosmic energy we know as Reiki.

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Voices of the Stone
by Kris Faso

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When You are Offered
Wings Take Them
by Corbie Mitleid

Sometimes we have moments of clarity in the middle of the ordinary. Today was one. I was picking up a few items in the local supermarket, when I saw a man trying to back his scooter-cart away from some chairs in the snack area. He was having a difficult time. Nobody else even bothered to look at him, let alone help. I stopped for a moment, watching. He was frustrated and near tears. I offered to help, easily pulling chairs and tables out of the way. He thanked me, and found his way to the checkout. So did I, about five minutes later. As I was wheeling my cart of bags out of the store, I found him huddled in a corner by the door, looking completely bereft.
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Place of Arrival
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Bottles and Siphons
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